NFC Hack Winners


Grand Prize Winners: SparTap

Calvin Keith- Computer Science

Trevor Nemanic- Computer Science

Brian Orlando- MIS

Klarence OuYang- MIS

Kevin Wick- Entrepreneurship

Gamified NFC check-ins to encourage participation at school events and forums.

Second Place Winners: Chartographers

David Norman- MIS

Cody Randall- Computer Science

Rohini Venkatesh- Corporate Finance

Jeremy Wolff- MIS

Poster NFC store to purchase items, encouraging point of sale interaction at events.

Third Place Winners: H.A.C.K.

Harvey Chan- Computer Engineering

Jason Chan- Developer

Prateek Gupta- Entrepreneur

Christian Martinez-Carranza- Biomedical Engineering

NFC classroom check-in for attendance, documents and resources.


An Angel Investor/KPCB Partner and Finalized Prizes!

NFC@SJSU has confirmed that Russell Siegelman will be judging for NFC Hack at 2:30pm in the Morris Dailey Auditorium of San Jose State! (Demos/presentations are open to anyone to come in and view).

Not only is Siegelman an angel investor, he is also a former partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers and worked directly with Bill Gates to form Microsoft’s MSN service in his years before joining KPCB.

As far as life accomplishments go, this guy absolutely dominates over the rest of us. Come judgement day when staring into his blinding radiance, be sure not to mess up on your presentation while standing in the awe-inspiring power of his presence.

Though I may have exaggerated a bit, this remains quite the opportunity for our young developer and¬†entrepreneur Spartpups (I’ve taken to calling you all that). But as D-Day nears, we’re still working hard with our sponsors to get you guys the choicest of prizes on top of what we’ve already announced. As if pitching to Siegelman weren’t enough incentive, here’s a little more for you:

Grand Prize is now some Droid Razr Maxx HD Smartphones by Motorola for every member of the winning team (up to 5) AND (as if the deal weren’t sweet enough for our bright, little Spartans) $1000 will be given out to split amongst the team!

2nd Place Prize is $600.

3rd Place Prize is $400.

You will notice that by comparison the winnings are split a bit heavily in favor of our 1st place winners–Well, welcome to the real world, Spartpups.

If you don’t place, there is a chance you may get some of the other swag we’re giving out. Let’s say 1st place has 2 members. Well, heck, we have 5 entire phones! What will we do with 3 extra phones? I suppose the NFC@SJSU team and I could keep them…but no. We the ever generous are raffling them off to ANYONE participating in NFC Hack–What are the odds of winning? Well…you’d really have to show up Friday to find out.

Did we mention there is an easter egg prize? You are familiar with easter eggs in video games. Well, at NFC Hack, we won’t tell you how you win these prizes–we may not even give clues–but we will tell you what the prize is:¬†5 NFC-enabled Teddy Bears.

Is the prize itself a clue? I don’t know. Perhaps we haven’t decided yet. Perhaps we are waiting until the night of NFC Hack to the decide willy nilly what you people will have to do to earn a cuddly friend. Could it be true? NFC@SJSU unorganized and possibly procrastinating on planning prizes? I’ll leave that sort of baseless speculation up to you.

We’re also having some “I survived NFC Hack” T-Shirts made. Consider them a consolation prize for having made it through the night and to the judging table. Hey, 24 hours of staring at your monitor? That’s quite an accomplishment…Well…regardless, I guess you deserve it anyway.

More swag will be handed out, but since we like to keep you folks on your toes, you’ll need to come Friday to find out what sort of free junk we’ll be arbitrarily giving away.


New Sponsor – Spartups!

Hello NFC Hack hopefuls!

As we near the date of NFC Hack, our team is getting more and more things finalized. Just this week we’ve added a new sponsor to our list: Spartups!

Spartups is a new incubator group co-founded by three of our own San Jose State alumni! Show some support and check them out!

They have 3 spots open in their current incubator class for the top three winners of NFC Hack! Incubators are a great way for small seed start-ups (that’ll be you guys) to learn, grow, and network. If you are serious about your idea, as our winners should be, this prize will be invaluable for getting acquainted with the daunting complexities of the start-up world.

Good luck and may the best team win!