1.  Coding: All coding must be developed at the Hack start time of the event, and only on event premises.  You may use any coding language you choose.  Finished product must be an NFC application.

  • Allowed: Brainstorming and working on the concept of the application prior to the event; any APIs
  • Not Allowed: No external code, no production of any aspect of the application prior to event

2.  Teams:  At least three people, but no more than five people. It is required to have at least one SJSU developer student and one SJSU entrepreneur/business student. Keep in mind that prizes will be split amongst the team. If you do not have a team prior to NFC Hack, do not fret as we will be forming teams at the beginning of NFC Hack!

Also, the Deans of Business, Engineering, and Science have agreed to a friendly competition between the colleges. The college with the most participants will win a prize!

3. Submission:  Final product must be submitted December 1st at 1pm. The app must utilize NFC technology, benefit SJSU, and fulfill at least one of the following three categories:

  • classroom or campus hyper-location
  • item-level/interactive (in regards to products)
  • loyalty programs with gameification

Note: these three categories will be explained in further in detail on a webinar (coming soon) and at NFC Hack

4. More Info About the Final Product: 

Final product must be:

  • A written business plan and
  • Either a product prototype or Required and Design Specs. Required and Design Specs should include but are not limited to: formal specs, design document specific for Android, mock up (for example drawings of each screen), and a project plan (define the length needed to develop the app, cost of development, programmers and other resources needed to develop the app).

4.  Presentations:  You will have 5 minutes to present your NFC application and business plan to the judges. You may present in any way you would like – talk, dance, mime, but all presenters must be fully clothed at all times!  A/V support and an ELMO will be provided.

5.  Judging:  See Judges tab for judging criteria. Winners will be announced after all presentations have been completed.

6.  Ownership:  All products developed are sole property of its developers.


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