• President of San Jose State University: Mohammad Qayoumi
  • College of Business Dean: David Steele
  • College of Science Dean: Michael Parrish
  • Russell Siegelman: Angel Investor, creator and former VP of Microsoft’s online service MSN, and a Stanford Graduate Business Instructor
  • Other judges to be finalized: Silicon Valley industry leaders and other SJSU Deans.  “Follow” us for updates!

Judging Criteria

Participants will be judged on the following:

  • Benefits the application brings SJSU: 25%
  • Overall and quality of presentation (in regards to both the app and the business plan): 25%
  • Use of NFC technology (the final product must utilize NFC; however this criteria refers to the creativity and quality of its use): 25%
  • Applies to one of the Hack categories (classroom or campus hyper-location, item-level, loyalty): 10%
  • “Wow factor”: 10%
  • Multi-disciplinary team/SJSU student bonus: 5%

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