The Gary J. Sbona Marketing Honors team, The Dream Beam, is hosting the first ever 24 hour NFC Hackathon at San Jose State University.  The Dream Beam has partnered with Kovio, Inc. to make SJSU a near-field communication (NFC)-enabled campus. Our campus is in the heart of Silicon Valley, the technology capital of the world. Making SJSU an NFC-enabled campus will strengthen our standing as the leader of innovation and technology. After all, we are the “University of Silicon Valley!”

The Dream Beam feels the best way to do so is to showcase the talent of SJSU students; they have been, and still are, the driving force behind the advancement of Silicon Valley.

NFC Hack provides SJSU students and alumni the opportunity to share their ideas on how NFC can be used to benefit the SJSU community. Students will create an NFC app (or other minimum viable product) as well as a business plan to go along with it. Your idea could be the next technological reality at SJSU!

NFC Hack is open to SJSU students, alumni, and their friends or colleagues.

Let’s ramp up our Spartan Pride and show the Bay Area what we’ve got!



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